Sundered Kickstarter Launches, $25,000 Goal Nearly Met Already

January 16, 2017Written by Jason Dunning

Announced last year for PlayStation 4 and PC, Sundered, a replayable Metroidvania from Thunder Lotus Games (Jotun), has gone to Kickstarter. After just a few hours, it had more than 700 backers and reached $20,000 of its $25,000 CAD goal.

By pledging $20 CAD, you’ll be given a digital copy of Sundered on either PlayStation 4 or PC, plus access to the exclusive beta test version of the game (Thunder Lotus didn’t say if the beta is PC-only). According to the developers, Sundered will release in July 2017:

We’ve been hard at work on Sundered for just over a year. All the money we raise during Kickstarter will be invested in the game’s production, which will allow us to extend the game’s production until June, for a July release.

Sundered’s total development budget is $700,000 CAD, coming from Jotun revenues and a loan from the Canadian Media Fund (the same entity who helped fund Jotun). Sony is acting as our marketing partner (which explains why we are only releasing on PC and PS4 for now), but is not funding the game.

Although Sundered is scheduled for July, the feedback they receive from the beta could push it back, “as we want to make sure that our backers are happy with the game before we ship it to the masses.”

Sundered includes hand-drawn art, massive boss fights (as you can see in the above video), dynamic encounters against hordes of enemies, hand-crafted and procedural levels, corruptible abilities, and multiple endings. Thunder Lotus expects Sundered to take 10 hours to beat.

There aren’t any stretch goals for Sundered.

You can read our PSX preview of Sundered over here.

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