Report: PlayStation Spent $19.2 Million on TV Ads Last Month

January 24, 2017Written by Jason Dunning

According to analytics company, which tracks how much money companies spend on TV ads and how big the digital response (on YouTube, Facebook, Google, etc) is to those ads, Sony Interactive Entertainment spent an estimated $19.2 million on PlayStation commercials from December 16 through January 15.

The report, relayed by GamesBeat, adds that the $19.2 million was spent on eight ads that aired 2,950 times and generated over 851 million TV ad impressions. The ‘You Won’t Believe What’s In Store‘ spot (above) had the biggest digital share of voice for Sony at 45.1%, while all of their ads generated 7.15 million online views, 38,000 social actions, and 50,000 searches.

Microsoft, meanwhile, spent $12.8 million on 13 Xbox ads that ran 1,329 times with 430 million TV ad impressions. While Sony’s total industry digital share of voice was 20.4%, Microsoft’s was over 33%. Blizzard was in third place with 16.1% (they spent $1.1 million), while Nintendo spent $1.9 million and saw a 4.4% share.

Overall, between December 16 and January 15, 31 companies spent an estimated $65 million running 98 console game commercials over 21,200 times on national TV, generating over 3.7 billion TV ad impressions.

For all of 2015, Sony spent $31.8 million on TV ads.

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