Latest Batch of Free Yakuza 0 DLC Includes Alternate Karaoke Costumes

January 31, 2017Written by Michael Briers


Staying true to the promise of free weekly DLC right up until mid-February, Sega has rolled out another batch of content for Yakuza 0, this time introducing alternate karaoke outfits and more.

Details of the content pack comes to us by way of Twitter, confirming that the Yakuza 0 DLC bundles together a familiar mix of new outfits, weapons, items, and a crafting component. To access these goodies and any future add-ons, simply pay a visit to Bob the clown in front of the temple/shrine in both Kamurocho and Sotenbori.

Here’s confirmation of that latest DLC pack via Scott Strichart, a member of the franchise’s localization team.

Tell us, are you enjoying your time with Yakuza 0?

[Source: Twitter]