Rocket League Update 1.29 Is Live, Here’s All the Details

February 21, 2017Written by Jason Dunning

Now rolling out on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, Rocket League update 1.29 preps for the two new Hot Wheels Battle-Cars ($1.99 USD each), adds 4K PS4 Pro support, deploys the Player’s Choice Crate Series 1, and more.

You can check out all the details of update 1.29 below:

New Content

DLC Battle-Cars

  • Added Twin Mill III DLC Battle-Car, including six new Decals (Flames, Javelin, Overline, Speedster, Pyro, Primo) and one new Wheel (OH5)
  • Added Bone Shaker DLC Battle-Car, including six new Decals (Bone Jack, Diablo, Inferno, Pro-Street, Starstruck, Stripes) and one new Wheel (WW5SP)


  • Hot Wheels Antenna
  • Treasure Hunt Flag


  • Hot Wheels Topper
  • Shark Bite Topper

Changes and Updates


  • Rocket League now supports the PS4 Pro with 4K rendering

Player’s Choice Crate Series 1 can now be found rarely after online matches. This crate includes community favorite items voted on by the players:

  • Exotic Wheel I: Lightning
  • Exotic Wheel II: Zomba
  • Import Battle-Car I: Octane ZSR
  • Import Battle-Car II: Dominus GT
  • Import Battle-Car III: Breakout Type-S
  • Very Rare Decal: Breakout Type-S – Distortion
  • Very Rare Decal: Dominus GT – Distortion
  • Very Rare Decal: Octane ZSR – Distortion
  • Very Rare Decal: Takumi RX-T – Distortion

Bug Fixes


  • Infinite Power! and Mad Scientist Achievements have been fixed
  • Lightning Wheel is now properly named Voltaic
  • Insufficient Space now properly displayed when attempting to save a reply when the console’s hard drive is full (PS4)
  • Saved replays will work properly when transferred from one PS4 to another (PS4)
  • Vehicle driver- and passenger-side windows no longer have Blue or Orange tint when Black Market decals are equipped
  • Pressing shoulder buttons simultaneously no longer causes Item overlap on vehicle customization screen
  • Chain link pattern no longer visible when using certain Rocket Trails
  • Fixed performance issues with the Proton, Dark Matter, and Hypernova Rocket Trails.
  • Licensed Car items can no longer be forced onto other Battle-Cars

As revealed last week, the update also allows Rocket League “to run at both 1080p on standard PS4s, and 4K on PS4 Pro systems, at 60 frames-per-second in ALL arenas for single and two-player split-screen modes.” If you’re playing in three- or four-player split-screen, most arenas will offer 60fps at the same resolutions.

Expect “many” content updates for Rocket League throughout the year.

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