Sundered Unleashes Its Gorgeous Hand-Drawn Action Later This Month

July 14, 2017Written by Tyler Treese

Sundered release date

Thunder Lotus Games have announced a release date for their gorgeous hand-drawn metroidvania title Sundered, and PlayStation 4 owners will be able to play it later this month. As announced over at the PlayStation Blog, the studio’s follow-up to Jotun will release July 28. Pre-orders are now live, so if you’re already sold then go over to the PlayStation Store to secure a copy.

Creative Director William Dubé has a lot to say about the 2D action platformer over at the PlayStation Blog, but here’s how he describes the game:

For those who don’t know, Sundered is a horrifying fight for survival and sanity. You play Eshe, a wanderer in a ruined world, trapped in ever-changing caverns filled with hordes of terrifying enemies. We’re the same studio that made Jotun, a hand-drawn epic set in Norse mythology.

As you can hear in Eshe’s own words, her quest is not an easy one. From the endless hordes to the massive boss fights, we’ve designed Sundered to be a challenging experience. All around you, a dark power teases you and and taunts you to wield it. Is it the key to your survival, or the first step on your road to madness?

To celebrate the release date, the Canadian studio released a brand new trailer showing off the game’s promising graphics and gameplay. Check it out below:

We got to go hands-on with the hand-drawn platformer at PSX last year, and it was one of the highlights of the show. Here’s a snippet from our preview:

My demo eventually ended with me wandering into a large room that was taken up by a boss I couldn’t even see the head of. He was absolutely gigantic. The behemoth lifted his foot and then stomped on my character and a late title screen showed. It was an awesome tease for the full game, and I’m absolutely sold.

Sundered will release July 28 on PlayStation 4 and PC.

(Source: PlayStation Blog)