Doom Update 6.66 Today Makes All Multiplayer DLC Free, Adds New Progression System

July 19, 2017Written by Jason Dunning


Update: According to players, the update is 35GB on PC and 58GB on Xbox One.

Original Story: Bethesda has announced that Doom update 6.66 is rolling out today on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC at 11am PT/2pm ET, and it will make all of the multiplayer DLC free to all players.

On their website, Bethesda explained that the Doom Season Pass has been retired and all three DLC packs (Unto the Evil, Hell Followedand Bloodfall) are now free:

First, we’ve retired the DOOM season pass and are making all of the multiplayer DLC content available to all players. That’s three multiplayer DLC packs, which include nine of our best maps, three additional guns, three additional playable demons, new equipment, armor sets and more. That’s on top of the modes and features, like bot support, that players have been enjoying since late last year.

Also with update 6.66, you’ll find a new rune system, a revised progression system, and enhanced kill notifications:

  • Revised Progression System – The revised progression system will alter when and how players unlock additional guns, demons, equipment, and all of the player and weapon customization options. Instead of relying on the random distribution of unlocks, items now unlock through specific leveling requirements or through in-game challenges that the player can complete. For example, if there’s a specific helmet you want right now, you can work towards unlocking it by focusing your play style on the requirement.
  • New Rune System – The all-new Runes replace the Hack Module system. Like Hack Modules, Runes enhance player abilities, but can be persistently equipped, which was not possible with the previous system.
  • Enhanced Kill Notifications – The death screen is getting an overhaul as well, now calling out how you were killed, not just who killed you. The new death screen will list out the combination of players, weapon types and damage inflicted.

On top of that, all players’ multiplayer levels have been reset back to 0, but “veteran players will have the option to reset their unlock progression and experience the new progression system fresh, or retain all of their existing guns, equipment, demons and customization options that they’ve acquired or purchased while unlocking some of the new items in the revised progression system.”

If you’ve played Doom’s multiplayer since the game launched in May 2016, you’ll receive a special veteran status badge.

Interested in trying out Doom for free? A Free Weekend will kick off on Thursday, July 27 at 9am PT/12pm ET on PS4. It will let you play the first two levels of the campaign and give you unlimited access to multiplayer and SnapMap.

During the Free Weekend, which ends on July 30 at 9pm PT, digital copies of Doom will be discounted to $14.99 USD/£11.99. Should you purchase Doom during the Free Weekend, all of your progress will carry over.

What do you think of the changes coming to Doom today?

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