Destiny 2 Open Beta Has Been Extended

July 24, 2017Written by Zarmena Khan

Destiny 2 _0056_d2_strike_heroic_03

Bungie has announced that Destiny 2‘s open beta has been extended until tomorrow, July 25, for some additional testing. The beta will conclude at 6 PM PT / 9 PM ET / 2 AM BST. You can read the announcement below.

As a reminder, here’s what’s included in the beta:

Campaign: Homecoming (Fireteam Size: 1, Matchmaking Unavailable)

  • When launching the Destiny 2 Beta, players will first create a Character and play through the campaign mission Homecoming.

Crucible: Countdown and Control (Fireteam Size: 1-4, Matchmaking Available)

Players will have access to two Crucible game types, each featuring a specific map:

  • Countdown – Attack and Defend objective gametype with Elimination rules. First team to 6 round score limit wins the match.
  • Control – Teams compete to control objective zones which grant additional points when defeating opponents. Reaching the score limit or having the highest score by time limit wins the match

Strike: The Inverted Spire (Fireteam Size: 1-3, Matchmaking Available)

  • Players will have access to one Strike activity. Players are placed into a Fireteam to complete objectives and proceed through Beta content on the planet Nessus.

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