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CD Projekt Red Brings in $33 Million in Newest Financial Publishing

September 6, 2017Written by Anthony Nash

cd projekt red

CD Projekt Red have published their financial results for first half of 2017, and according to the company, they continue to see a rise in profits.

The company behind the critically acclaimed The Witcher series recently published their results in a full financial report (that’s written fully in Polish), but thanks to user boskee over at NeoGAF, we know that the company generated a net profit of 118.5 million PLN ($33 million USD), which beat the consensus expectations by 21.5%.

This is shocking in its own right, as it’s been some time since The Witcher 3’s release, but the game series continues to generate a ton of money for the company, with CD Projekt Red bringing in the far majority of the overall profit. The company is now supposedly valued at over $2.2 billion, and one would assume that once Gwent: The Witcher Card Game releases, that valuation will only climb.

You can view the company’s full video presentation below, though it is in Polish, of course:

Some other interesting tidbits about the company found in the briefing can be found below:

– GOG has over 2100 games in its catalogue from over 550 developers and publishers

– CD Projekt has offices in Warsaw, Krakow, Shanghai and LA. The latter 2 do not take part in game production.

– 97% of CD Projekt’s income came from export, with 60% representing clients in the US and 24.4% those in the EU.