PSN / PlayStation Network News, Games and Downtime Updates

Australia Adds Games with Loot Boxes to its ‘Online Gambling’ Guidances

Talks about games with the ability to resell loot box winnings.

Let the Half-Life 3 and Portal 3 Theories Commence, Valve is Going to Start Shipping Games Again

A simple comment is sure to ignite a flurry of theories about the future.

Persona 3 Dancing Moon Night Akihiko

Latest Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night Trailer Highlights Akihiko’s Dance Moves

Plenty of new gameplay footage!

Bungie Reducing Crucible Team-Shotting and Increasing ‘Intensity Spikes’ in Next Destiny 2 Update

Individual play will be more rewarded.

Bungie Announces a Ton of Buffs Coming to Destiny 2 Update 1.1.4, Precision Auto Rifles Are Getting Nerfed

Hunter dodge and invisibility are also getting nerfed.

EA servers down battlefront 2 servers down Battlefield 1 servers down FIFA 18 servers down

EA Servers Down, Impacting Battlefront 2, FIFA 18, and Battlefield 1

They cite “fiber cuts” as the cause of the issue.

Licenses Being Revoked After Kingdom Come Deliverance Pricing Error

Players got the game for $0.05.

Activision Confirms Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Release in October, Official Reveal in May

They haven’t provided any additional details on setting.

How to Get Free Monster Hunter: World Commemorative Item Pack Celebrating 7.5 Million Sales

Includes some rare and valuable items.

Cyan Teasing Something Myst Related in a Series of Tweets, What Could the Cryptic Clues Mean?

Seems to be tied to Myst’s 25th anniversary

Log Into Overwatch To Get a Free Kerrigan Skin For the StarCraft 20th Anniversary

Console owners get to celebrate too!

No, Detroit: Become Human Visuals Haven’t Been Downgraded, It’s Just a Low Quality Video

Compression and capturing at lower resolution can lead to graphics looking bad.

Recent Black Ops 3 Update Could Hide a Secret for Call of Duty Black Ops 4… I mean, Black Ops IIII Viral Marketing Campaign

Activision and Treyarch did the same thing when Black Ops III was announced.

Bravo Team Review – Shooting Blanks (PSVR)

One of the worst VR games yet.

Horizon Zero Dawn one year anniversary

Kojima, Media Molecule, Naughty Dog, More Celebrate Horizon Zero Dawn’s One Year Anniversary

Praise of the games technical systems and cultural impact.

Watchers Were the Most Abused, Bow Was Most Used, and Other Year One Horizon Zero Dawn Stats

The Sawtooth was the most deadly machine.

Ready at Dawn next game

The Order 1886 Studio Ready At Dawn Gearing Up For New ‘Third-Person Action’ Game

Studio says it is a “brand new original IP.”

Kickstarter for Final Fantasy VIII, Bloodborne, and Zelda Specialty Books Nearly Funded, Other Books Could Be Added

Third Editions posted a message to backers at 75%.

First Dissidia Final Fantasy NT DLC Character To Be Revealed Next Week

It will be a male villain from the later games.

PSN Down

Some Features of PSN Down for Scheduled Maintenance

Yes. Again.