Free PlayStation Online Multiplayer Weekend

Free PlayStation Online Multiplayer Weekend Announced for August 27-28

A free PlayStation online multiplayer weekend has been announced for August 27-28. During this time, any players without a PS Plus subscription will be able to enjoy the multiplayer components of any and all PS5 and PS4 games. This means unlimited access for that two-day period.

Free PS5 and PS4 online multiplayer for August 2022

As with previous free PlayStation online multiplayer weekends, while only a few games are advertised in the promotional material, PS5 and PS4 players are free to try out any online components of any game they choose.

Those not interested in playing the advertised GTA 5, NBA 2K22, or Call of Duty: Modern Warfare online can simply load up a different game’s multiplayer and enjoy that instead, without the need for a paid-for PS Plus subscription.

For those folks who mostly play single-player games and so haven’t bothered to sign up for PS Plus, these free weekend sessions can help scratch the online itch without fully committing to a subscription.

While this is no doubt a ploy to try and entice users into catching the online multiplayer bug and plopping down the dollars for a subscription, it’s nevertheless still a good opportunity for budget-conscious gamers to dive into some multiplayer action for the weekend, before pulling themselves out and going back to offline enjoyment.

These free online multiplayer weekends don’t happen all that often so, if you do fancy trying out a bit of MP, it would be a good idea to take advantage of the offer while it’s available. Otherwise, you might need to wait a good couple of months for another chance.

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