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Tharsis Review – Space Sucks (PS4)

In space, no one can hear you become a cannibal.

Amplitude Review header

Amplitude Review – Synthesized Rhythm (PS4)

Kickstarted to success?

Twisted metal black pS4

Twisted Metal: Black PS4 – PS2 on PS4 Revisited

You wished for PS4 backwards compatibility? This is Calypso granting it for you.

Among the Sleep Review – Hush Little Baby (PS4)

Don’t say a word. Or else.

Dark Cloud PS4

Dark Cloud PS4 – PS2 on PS4 Revisited

A giant flying dog thing? Dark Cloud had The Last Guardian before it was cool.

trails of cold steel f

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel Review – Back to School (Vita)

Don’t let that title put you off: this is one of the best games available on Vita.


Scuf 4PS Pro Review – Premium Controller Customization

Does Scuf do enough with the 4PS Pro controller?

Kings quest chapter 2 rubble without a cause Header

King’s Quest Chapter 2: Rubble Without a Cause Review – Simplified Fairy Tale (PS4)

Graham’s first test as king is going to be a big one.

Fat Princess Adventures

Fat Princess Adventures Review – What Diet? (PS4)

Have your cake and eat it.


Yakuza 5 Review – Criminal Activity (PS3)

The fifth installment in SEGA’s action-adventure series finally makes it to Western shores after three years — it’s Yakuza 5!

Guns Up

Guns Up! Review – Tactical Troopers (PS4)

Is that an assault rifle in your pocket?

Rainbow Six Siege Review – Tango Down (PS4)

It takes five to Siege tango.

EDF_4_PS4 (0)

Earth Defense Force 4.1: The Shadow of New Despair Review – Check Your Brain at the Door (PS4)

Return of the Revenge of the Giant Evil Monsters from Outer Space!


Just Cause 3 Review – Things That Make You Go Boom (PS4)

It just might be worth all that waiting…

Bloodborne: The Old Hunters Review – You Are Still Not Worthy (PS4)

Welcome home, good hunter.


Sword Art Online: Lost Song Review – A New Song to an Old Tune (PS4)

Sword Art Online comes back to PlayStation with Bandai Namco’s second North American release based on the smash-hit anime series.


Star Wars Battlefront Review (PS4) – It’s Not a Trap

The force is…well, you know the rest.

Fallout 4 review header

Fallout 4 Review – Wasteland Stories (PS4)

War. War never changes.


Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Review – Bursting at the Seams (PS4)

There’s a lot hidden under the hood of the latest Call of Duty.


Superbeat: XONiC Review – XONiC Boom (Vita)

The spiritual successor to the DJMax series brings quirky pop and colorful imagery to PS Vita in Superbeat: XONiC.