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htoL#NiQ Hotaru no Nikki: The Firefly Diary Review – Touching Dark Places (Vita Import)

…Yes…yes indeed it is pretty. And dark.

Life Is Strange™_20150129013821

Life is Strange: Episode 1 Review – Reality With a Splash of Magic (PS4)

Just a beautiful game.

re;birth2 review

Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth2 SISTERS GENERATION Review – More of the Same (Vita)

No Compa and IF, you aren’t funny!

Splice Review - 3

Splice Review – Moving Cells (PS4)

While Splice is a puzzle game first, it is an experiment in sight and sound as well.

Ironclad Tactics Review – Pick a Card (PS4)

Pick a card, any card! Haha, oh man, no, not that one…

Atelier Ayesha Plus The Alchemist of Dusk Screen (2)

Atelier Ayesha Plus: The Alchemist of Dusk Review– Make Potions, Kill Monsters, Repeat (PS Vita)

Making potions, now in handheld form.

Saints Row IV Reelected

Saints Row IV Re-Elected Review – Here We Go Again (PS4)

The ballots are in…

Citizens of Earth Review - 41

Citizens of Earth Review – Charm Turns to Tedium (PS Vita, PS4)

An RPG that starts out promising but slowly devolves into a tedious labor.

Joe Danger 2 (3)

Joe Danger 2: The Movie Review – Second Time’s the Charm (PS Vita)

Keeping in line with its predecessor.


Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell Review – Love and Repetition (PS4)

Could have been hotter.

Resident Evil HD Remaster Review – You are Dead (PS4)

Hope you saved before you died!

Fat Princess: Piece of Cake Review – A Puzzling Entry (Vita)

Swap those cakes!


Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition Review – Come Get Some (Vita)

Fun fact: there are 486 words in this review.


Chrono Trigger Review – Timeless Travel (PSOne Classic)

New year, classic review.

Loadout_ featured

Loadout Review – Balanced and Bad-Mannered (PS4)

Offensive, irreverent, and fun-to-play!


Godzilla Review – The King of All Monsters (PS3 Import)

And now let’s all remember that time Green Day was on a Godzilla soundtrack.

Destinythedarkbelow Header

Destiny: The Dark Below Review – Release the Hive (PS4)

Prepare to extend your playtime.

Syberia Review Screenshots - 6

Syberia Review – Revisiting a Hidden Gem (PS3)

Syberia is dated, and it’s meant for a specific slice of gamer.

Flyhunter Origins 1 (2)

Flyhunter Origins Review – Swattin’ Flies and Shootin’ Spiders (PS Vita)

Does it seem BUGGY to you?