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Here are the Most Surprising Moments of gamescom 2014

See what announcements and non-announcements surprised as the most!

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gamescom 2014: Battlefield: Hardline Multiplayer Rescue Trailer Shows a More Tactical Approach

VIP needs to be rescued in this one.

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gamescom 2014: Watch 12 Minutes of Battlefield: Hardline Single-Player Campaign

Inspired by crime dramas.

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EA Showing Battlefield: Hardline, Dragon Age: Inquisiton and “More” at Gamescom

Shadow Realms will most likely be revaled.

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Battlefield: Hardline Story Details Revealed, We Play as a Good Cop Who Has Been Framed

“Breaking Bad meth country”

Battlefield Hardline

Battlefield: Hardline Delayed Into “Early 2015″

Hardline pushed back into 2015. Yay or nay?

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Battlefield: Hardline Latest “Community’s Most Wanted” Details In-Game HUD Changes, Renaming the Mechanic Class and More

Check out what Visceral is changing in Battlefield: Hardline in its #2 Community Most Wanted list.


Battlefield: Hardline Coming to San Diego Comic-Con, Will Focus on Single-Player Mode

Cops and robbers, look out!


Battlefield: Hardline Beta Stats Revealed by EA, Lots of In-Game Money Looted

Cash, cars and total damages in the beta.

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Battlefield: Hardline “Community’s Most Wanted” Outlined by Visceral Games

Check out some of the changes Visceral Games is implementing to the final game due to fan feedback.


YouTube 60fps Video Support Announced, Check Out the First Videos

Watch gaming footage from YouTube at 60fps.

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Next Battlefield: Hardline Beta Coming This Fall to All Platforms

It will feature more content than the first beta.

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Battlefield: Hardline Beta Hands-On Impressions – Shaking Things Up (PS4)

Spicing up the Battlefield recipe.


Battlefield: Hardline E3 Video Interview With Visceral Games’ Thad Sasser

Lots of info for Battlefield: Hardline fans.


Battlefield: Hardline Dev Comments on Moving Past BF4 Launch Issues, Claims It’s “Certainly a Goal”

Will Hardline follow BF4′s rocky launch? Visceral comments on it.


PS4 Pre-Loading Now Begins on June 24th With Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark (Update)

No word on if this will happen in Europe.


Visceral Games Speaks Out on Battlefield: Hardline Re-Using Battlefield 4 Assets

Thoughts of those who are in the Battlefield: Hardline beta?


EA: Battlefield: Hardline’s Release Doesn’t “Necessarily” Mean the Series is Being Annualized

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see if Battlefield 5 arrives in 2015.