Battlefield Hardline Update 4.1 Today Fixes Issues, Improves Server Stability

To go along with the general release of Betrayal today, EA and Visceral Games have launched Battlefield Hardline update 4.1 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC.

A minor update compared to the one on March 1, today’s patch is focused on fixing some issues and improving server stability:


  • Improved client/server stability.
  • PC: Updated PC certificate file.

Gun Bench

  • Fixed bug whereby the Gun Bench Kill Counter was not enabled for Premium members or owners of Battlefield Hardline: Betrayal.
  • Fixed bug whereby customized uniforms would load only with SWAT colors in MP matches.
  • Fixed bug whereby if L1/L2 and R1/R2 are swapped (PS3, PS4), or LB/LT and RB/RT are swapped (Xbox 360, Xbox One), some menus would function incorrectly.


  • Fixed stairway collision issues in Alcatraz.
  • Fixed spawn point locations in Alcatraz.
  • Fixed grapple exploit in Growhouse.
  • Fixed bug whereby Dressed to the Sixteens achievement would not be awarded.

Now that all of the Hardline expansions are available, what did you think of the post-launch content overall?

[Source: Battlefield]