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E3 2017 – LawBreakers Hands-On Preview – Freaky Floaty Fighting (PS4)

It’s boots-on-the-ground combat…In the air!


LawBreakers Release Date Announced, Pre-Order Starts This Week

Sooner than you think!

Boss Key Talks LawBreakers PS4 and PC Release, Says “Choices Had to Be Made”

PS4 beta coming soon.


LawBreakers Comes to PS4 Later This Year, Priced at $29.99

Bleszinski says they “don’t want to fragment our playbase with silo’d season pass BS.”


LawBreakers Drops Free-to-Play Model, Developer Entertains Idea of Console Version

Set to release as a Steam exclusive this summer.


LawBreakers Gameplay Revealed, Could Still Hit Consoles

But only with outside support.


Cliff Bleszinski’s Studio Boss Key Productions Hires Call of Duty Developers

Both new hires spent over six years at Neversoft.


Cliff Bleszinski’s New Project Apparently Coming From His Own Company, Boss Key Productions

Unlock the fun, Cliff!