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Biggest E3 Surprises

The Biggest E3 Surprises in Sony History

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

ubisoft e3 2018

Ubisoft Details E3 2018 Lineup, Will Feature Tons of New Titles

Expect some surprises, too!

Bethesda E3 2018

Bethesda’s E3 2018 Presser Too Long or Too Short?

Lengthiness does matter, apparently.

fallout 3 anniversary edition

Report: Fallout 3 Anniversary Edition Leaked, Could be Coming to PS4

Would you be playing again?

bethesda e3 2018

Bethesda Teases Upcoming E3 Showcases as Longest Ever

What will we see?

sony e3 2018

Sony Will Not Hold Traditional Press Conference at E3 2018, Will Focus on Four Titles Instead

Four of the most anticipated titles!

e3 2018 leaks

Report: Retail Listing Reveals New Splinter Cell, Just Cause 4, and More

Tons of games uncovered

skate 4

Skate 4 Pops up on Swedish Retailer Site Earlier This Year

Are you ready to skate again?

remedy project 7 announcement

Remedy Will Finally Reveal Their New Game at E3 and It Will Include a PlayStation 4 Release

Will Remedy finally be ready the cure for our lack of Quantum Break feels?

E3 2018 Ubisoft

E3 2018: Ubisoft Announces Press Conference Date and Time

With so many games on the horizon, which ones are making the cut?

thq nordic e3 2018

THQ Nordic Won’t Be at E3 2018, Will Be Watching World Cup Instead

No games, only soccer!

ea play 2018 tickets

Pre-Registration for EA Play 2018 Tickets Available Now

Pre-registered members can book sessions in May.

Bethesda Holding an E3 Showcase Again This Year, Invitations To Be Sent Later

We don’t currently know of any upcoming Bethesda titles.

E3 2018 Tickets Will Go on Sale Next Week

Some changes to the show have been made.

Report: E3 2018 Will Be Open to the Public Again, Special Hours for Industry Passes

Will you be attending E3 next year?

E3 2018 Dates Confirmed as ESA Considers a Change In Location for Future Events

This year’s event attracted 68,400 attendees.