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GameStop Elite Pro Ending

Rumor: GameStop Is Ending Elite Pro Membership Tier

Parting is such sweet sorrow

Games as a Service Gamestop

Thanks to Games as a Service, GameStop’s Generated $1 Billion

Everyone wants GaaS, but no one likes GaaS.

video game distribution

Report: Game Distribution to Switch from Physical to Digital by 2022

Considering GameStop’s recent financial troubles, that sounds like a fair assessment.

gamestop sale

Far Cry 5, Wolfenstein II, and More Discounted in GameStop’s Two-Week Sale

Check out the deals.

gamestop buyout

GameStop Confirms Potential Buyout Rumors

Is GameStop finally up for sale?

gamestop sales

GameStop’s First Quarter Results Marred By Decrease in Sales

Hardware, software, preowned are all down.

GameStop and Extra Life E3

GameStop and Extra Life Team up for Charity Event at E3

GameStop + Extra Life = <3

gamestop trade ins

GameStop Announces New Hardware Trade-In Offers, Earn Extra $40-$50

Old and new values inside!

gamestop sales

Huge GameStop Sales Are Live, PS4 Games & More Discounted

Big discounts.

gamestop sales

Huge GameStop Sales Begin This Weekend, PS4 Games Discounted

Tons of deals.

gamestop sales

PSA: GameStop Running ‘PRO DAY’ Sale Today, Check Out the Deals

For PowerUp Rewards Pro and Elite Pro members.

gamestop sales

GameStop Holiday 2017 Sales Increased By 10.6% Compared to 2016

Attributed to Call of Duty, Xbox One X, and Nintendo Switch.

GameStop Black Friday

GameStop Post-Christmas Sale Underway, Tons of Deals Available

Deals on games, consoles, and accessories!

Secret of Mana launch trailer

Secret of Mana Physical Release Out in February, Exclusive to GameStop in US

Will you be buying?

GameStop Black Friday

The GameStop Cyber Monday Sale is Underway, Check Out Some of the Deals

Deals on consoles, games, and accessories!

GameStop Putting the Brakes on Their PowerPass Game Rental Program

Program limitations are cited as the cause.

GameStop Starts Power Pass, An In-Store Game Rental Service That Runs $60 for Six Months

You get to keep the final game you rent.

gamestop sales

GameStop Reports a Decline in Earnings for the Second Quarter of 2017

Strong Switch demand and Kongregate sale contained the decline.

GameStop Employees Told Not to Sell New Items

GameStop To Be Open on Thanksgiving This Year

According to GameStop, customers and employees requested it.