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Japanese Sales Chart: PS Vita #2 in Hardware Thanks to Strong Persona 4 Dancing All Night Launch

Heavensward is sells the most on PS4.


Japanese Media Describes “The Fractured But Whole” to Audience

Only one website attempted it, but they nailed it.


Japanese Sales Chart: Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition Debuts in 4th, PS4 Rises By 3,000

Xbox One sales double… to 201.


Japanese Sales Chart: PS4 Beats PS Vita By 25 Units, Alien: Isolation Sells 6,200 in Debut

Minecraft PS Vita Edition is 11 units short of 200,000 lifetime.


Japanese Sales Chart: Splatoon Stays At #1, PS Vita’s Shiren the Wanderer 5 Plus Debuts in 2nd

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood sells 2,700 copies in its first week.


It’s Not Time for Devs to Leave PS3 Behind

Time to crucify cross-generation games?


PS4 Tops 1.5 Million Sold in Japan; Finally Outpacing Dreamcast

How did PS3, Wii-U, Dreamcast, and the Cube sell in that same time?


Japanese Sales Chart: Splatoon is #1, PS Vita Outsells PS4

There’s an Xbox One game in the top 20!


Special PS4, Vita, PSTV Celebrate FFXIV Heavensward

Special Vitas for non-Vita games. Okay….


Japan’s PlayStation (PS3, PS4, PS Vita) Game Releases – June 2015

Hotline Miami physical release, in double pack form.


Japanese Sales Chart: The Witcher 3 on PS4 Debuts Strong In First, PS4 Wins Another Slow Week

Minecraft PS Vita just keeps on selling.


Japanese Sales Chart: Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster, PS4 Lead a Slow Week

Borderlands debuts in 5th on PS4.


Japanese Sales Chart: PS Vita Finishes in 2nd as Minecraft Continues to Sell Well

There’s only one PlayStation game in the top 20.


Nintendomination on Japanese Pre-Golden Week Sales Chart

Mario jumps to the top of charts.

what the fluff

What the Fluff!? – A Look at Japanese RPG Dialogue

I get it, I don’t understand Japan!


Japanese Sales Chart: Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory II Debuts in 4th on PS4

PS4 is once again the #1 system.


Japanese Sales Chart: Dying Light Debuts in 2nd, PS4 Wins Again

Saints Row IV gets re-elected to 17th place.


Japanese Sales Chart: Dark Souls 2 on PS4 Wins a Slow Week

PS4 and PS Vita hardware finished within a few hundred units of each other.


Japanese Sales Chart: Bloodborne Falls to 5th, PS4 Stays on Top

3rd Super Robot Wars Z: Tengoku Hen on PS Vita debuts at #1.


Japanese Sales Chart: Bloodborne Debuts Big, PS4 Continues to Rule Hardware

Disgaea 5: Absence of Sales.