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Japanese Sales Chart: PS4 Sales Rise, But Can’t Top 3DS or PS Vita

PS4 version of Final Fantasy XIV debuts in 3rd.


Lousy Smarch Weather – PlayStation JapanStyle Smarch 2014

Playin’ those Japanese games in my cold, cold house.


Japanese Sales Chart: PS Vita Outsells the 3DS

The PS4 remains stagnant.


Japanese Sales Chart: PS4 Drops by 10,000, Natural Doctrine Debuts in 20th

It was a down week all around.


Japanese Sales Chart: PlayStation Games Dominate in Software

Miku tops, Snake drops, and PS4 hardware continues to slide.


Japanese Sales Chart: Ground Zeroes on PS3 & PS4 Combines for Over 210,000 Sold

PS Vita hardware beats PS4 hardware.


Japanese Sales Chart: Dark Souls 2 Debuts Big, PS4 & PS Vita Both Drop

3DS hardware takes #1.


Japanese Sales Chart: PS4 Narrowly Beats out 3DS, Soul Sacrifice Delta Tops Software

PlayStation Vita jumps up 10,000 units.

Knack Review 4

Japanese Sales Chart: PS Vita & PS3 Rise, Yakuza: Ishin #1 Non-Bundled PS4 Game

Knack was once again the #1 PS4 game overall though.


PS4 Week 2 Japan Sales Worst in Recent History for New System

Far lower week 2 than Wii-U, 3DS, or Vita.

Knack Review 3

Japanese Sales Chart: PS4 Debuts Big, Knack Sells Over 300,000 Copies Thanks to Bundle

Killzone: Shadow Fall moved over 30,000 copies.

PS4 and Controller

PS4 Sells Over 320,000 Units in Japan During Launch Weekend

That’s about half of what the PS2 did.