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Japanese Sales Chart: Tales of Berseria Bursts Out on PS4 & PS3, Moves Nearly 250,000 Copies

The PS4 still finished in 2nd though.


Japanese Sales Chart: Ratchet & Clank Debuts in 3rd, Selling Over 27,000 Copies

But it can’t help the PS4 re-take #1 in hardware.


Japanese Sales Chart: PS4 Sales Fall, Wasteland 2 Debuts in 18th

3DS games and hardware continue to dominate.


Japanese Sales Chart: Toukiden 2 Moves Over 108,000 Copies Across PS4, PS3 & PS Vita

Still can’t beat Yo-kai Watch 3.


Japanese Sales Chart: Ys VIII Debuts in 2nd, Can’t Beat Yo-Kai Watch 3

The New 3DS LL beats the PS4 yet again.


Japanese Sales Chart: 3DS Overtakes PS4 Thanks to Massive Yo-kai Watch 3 Sales

Trails in the Sky the 3rd Evolution and Uppers debut for PS Vita.

PlayStation 4 PS4 04 555x328

Japanese Sales Chart: Lifetime PS4 Sales Cross Three Million

It was a slow week for software.


Japanese Sales Chart: Caligula Debuts in 2nd, PS4 Stays in 1st

Umbrella Corps sold 9,000 copies.


Japanese Sales Chart: PS4 Back at #1, Root Letter Moves 8,900 Copies

Root Letter is coming West later this year.


Japanese Sales Chart: 3DS Defeats PS4, Mirror’s Edge Debuts in 9th

Dragon Quest and Overwatch stay near the top of the chart.

Japanese Sales Chart: Nothing Can Stop Dragon Quest Heroes II or the PS4

Overwatch stays at #4.


Japanese Sales Chart: PS Vita Crosses 5 Million, Dragon Quest Heroes II & Overwatch Open Big

But PS4 won the week.


Japanese Sales Chart: Uncharted 4 Remains in 1st, Homefront Outsells Doom & Battleborn

Nothing can stop the PS4 right now.


Japanese Sales Chart: Uncharted 4 Helps PS4 Win Another Week

Uncharted 4 was the only new release.


Japanese Sales Chart: PS4, Kirby Repeat at #1

Dark Souls 3 is closing in on 300,000.


Japanese Sales Chart: PS4 Wins Again, Star Ocean for PS3 Debuts in 6th

3DS and PS Vita battle it out for 2nd.


Japanese Sales Chart: One Piece Defeats Star Fox Zero

PS4 wins again.


Japanese Sales Chart: PS4 Wins Another Week, Divinity Is the Biggest New Release

Only two games sold more than 9,000.