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Japanese Sales Chart: PS4 Gets a Big Sales Boost Thanks to Destiny

But the week belongs to Super Smash Bros.

Batman Arkham Knight 2

Batman: Arkham Knight and The Crew Beta to be PS4 Exclusives in Japan

Sorry, Xbox One users.


Japanese Sales Chart: Xbox One Launches to Less Than Half of What the Xbox 360 Did

It was the #1 selling system for the week though…


Japanese Sales Chart: Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, Toukiden Kiwami Beat Yokai Watch 2

The PS4 still can’t pass the regular 3DS.

PS Plus Vita Header

PlayStation Plus Subscribers in Japan Getting 250 PSP Titles for Free on PS Vita

Wish this was coming to the US!


Japanese Sales Chart: The Last of Us Remastered Can’t Stop Yokai Watch 2

Diablo III did okay on PS4 and PS3.


Japanese Sales Chart: Hyrule Warriors Bests Monster Hunter PS Vita

And nothing can beat Yokai Watch 2.

ps3 charcoal black

500GB PS3 Getting Price Cut in Japan This Month

Coincides with the launch of Personal 4 Arena Ultimax.


Japanese Sales Chart: Ultra Street Fighter IV’s Strong Debut Can’t Stop Yokai Watch 2

Lost Dimension had a very bad first week on Vita.

Child of Light

Japanese Sales Chart: Child of Light PS Vita Debuts Under 4,000

The PS3 joins the PS4 in losing to the regular 3DS.


Japanese Sales Chart: PS4 Drops Below 6,000, Loses to Regular 3DS

Oreshika: Tainted Bloodblines was the #1 PlayStation game.


Japanese Sales Chart: Oreshika on PS Vita Debuts at Over 90,000, Can’t Beat Yokai Watch 2

PS4 lags behind Wii U, PS3.


The Last of Us and Destiny PS4 Special Editions Coming Exclusively to Japan

Gold on black and white, but both look good.


Japanese Sales Chart: PS Vita Gets a Huge Boost, More Than Doubles Previous Week

Yokai Watch 2′s gigantic launch knocks Freedom Wars to 2nd.


Sony: PS4 is “Doing Okay” in Japan, Lack of Native Content Viewed as Temporary

The “comfort level around PS3″ is also partially to blame for the okay sales.


Japanese Sales Chart: Freedom Wars Repeats as #1

Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed on PS4 didn’t have a very strong debut.


Japan’s PlayStation Game Releases (PS3, PS4, Vita, PSP) July 2014

Shallie sells specials by the seafood store.


Japan’s First Half of 2014 Sales Have PS4 & PS Vita Over 600k Each, Knack #1 on PS4

Lifetime Japanese totals have the PS3 nearing 10 million and the PS Vita close to 3 million.


Japanese Sales Chart: Freedom Wars Dominates Software, PS Vita Gets a Hefty Raise

Watch Dogs on PS4 has a nice debut.


Tank Girl Liberation – PlayStation JapanStyle, June 2014

戦車ちゃんかわいい~ うぐううう~