Golden Axe Stage Play Adaptation announced

Sega Classic Golden Axe Gets Stage Play Adaptation in Japan

When it comes to Japanese culture, you have got to love it! Here’s something you don’t see every day. Theatrical unit Spiral Chariots announced that it’s going to do a stage play adaptation of Sega’s Golden Axe arcade game. The play is going to run from December 19-23, 2018, at Buddhist Hall in Tokyo. The Golden Axe Stage Play Adaptation is being directed by Seiji Hattori. Its featured performers and actors are Kunta, Haruka Kohara, Shōta Minami, Seiji Hattori, Dai Nakane, Shōta Yamada, Takuma Endō, Mahiru Komatsuzaki, and Chizu Hanasaki.

This is actually Spiral Chariots’ second stage adaptation of a Sega video game. They did a performance of Rent a Hero that debuted in January 2019.

Sega’s Golden Axe series first debuted back in 1989. And boy, was it big back then. Players could choose one of three playable characters, each with specific abilities, and take their avatar on a journey to defeat the Dark Lord Death Adder. Of course, it was all about axe-swinging and sword-slicing.

If you are eager to experience this classic on your PlayStation 4, you can by all means do so. PlayStation Now offers Sega games in its massive library (which includes around 500 titles). Some of the included titles are Sonic Adventure, Sonic Adventure 2, Comix Zone, Virtua Fighter 2, and Golden Axe.

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