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US Lawmaker Begins Drafting Anti-Loot Box Laws, Aims to Ban Sales of Predatory Games to Those Under 21

He is targeting gambling mechanics in games.

loot box controversy

UK Gambling Commission Releases Official Statement Explaining Its Stance on Loot Boxes

They explain what constitutes gambling.

battlefront 2 microtransactions

French Senator Writes Letter to France’s Gambling Regulator Regarding Loot Boxes

He’s not worried about cosmetics but he’s concerned about pay-to-win.

video game microtransactions

Gearbox’s Randy Pitchford Shares Thoughts on Microtransactions, Says He’s Against Certain Schemes

He says the term “loot box” is being misused in the debate.

Activision Files Another Microtransaction Patent to Highlight Items Available for Purchase in Streams

Also talks about generating player loadout and profile metadata in video content.

Take-Two Boss Says PS4/Xbox One Technology Isn’t Fully Utilized Yet, Discusses Microtransactions

Players shouldn’t feel like devs “pick their pockets.”