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E3 2015: Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Hands-On Preview – Keeping the Faith

Don’t trip.


Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Will Include Multiplayer Features But No Live Competitive Modes

You’ll still be connected to other players.


Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Won’t See You Using Guns: “We’ve Completely Removed That Aspect of the Game”

DICE talks about Faith’s movement.


E3 2015 – Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Trailer Revealed, Release Date Announced

Scheduled for early 2016.


Mirror’s Edge Catalyst PS4 and Xbox One Box Art Revealed

Lookin’ good!


Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Confirmed for E3 2015, “Is Not Mirror’s Edge 2″

“We have landed on a vision that honors the first game.”

Mirror's Edge

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Trademarked in Europe, EA Confirms Name in Tweet

Also, the domain name “” get registered.


PlayStation Experience – EA Announces Free Games for PlayStation Platforms

Yes, FREE.


EA Games Being Added to PlayStation Now in December Include Mirror’s Edge, Dead Space 3

There’s been over 100 years of streamed game time on PlayStation Now so far.


DICE Shows Early Mirror’s Edge 2 Gameplay in New Video (Update: Producer Statement)

I’m on the edge.

Mirrors Edge 2

Writer for Original Mirror’s Edge Not Involved With New Game, “Wasn’t Asked”

Rough around the edge.


EA on Mirror’s Edge 2: “If you do the Same Thing Again Then it’s not Going to Work”

Mirror’s Edge sold 2.5 million copies.

Mirrors Edge 2

EA: New Mirror’s Edge Will Be More of an “Action Adventure” Than Predecessor

“The first one was a great first attempt but it didn’t really deliver on the true vision that the guys had for that IP.”


Daily Reaction: Publishers Don’t Want You to Remember Me, Fear Using Female Protagonists

Welcome to the boys’ club.


Daily Reaction: How Female Protagonists Should be Portrayed

Girl PowerON

Mirror's Edge

Mirror’s Edge, Bad Company “Too Good to Kill”, Says DICE

Then bring them back already.


DICE Thinks People are Ready for Mirror’s Edge 2

DICE studio producer Patrick Liu believes now is a good time to reveal Mirror’s Edge 2, as there is a strong audience for the game.

Mirror’s Edge 2 Reportedly on Hold

Despite the initial game failing to meet sales expectations, publisher EA believedRead the full article…

Mirror’s Edge Never Met Expectations

Just a few years ago EA was the company everyone hated. TheRead the full article…