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Need for Speed Update 1.03 Today Adds New Trophies, Fixes AI Rubber Banding & More

Get it on PS4 and Xbox One.


Japanese Sales Chart: Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, Need for Speed Can’t Topple Black Ops 3 on PS4

PS4 hardware is #1 again.


Upcoming Need for Speed Update Will Address Rubber Banding, Add New Trophies and More

Set to go live before the end of November.


All Need for Speed DLC Will Be Free, Ghost Games Doesn’t Even Have the Ability to Charge You In-Game

The next Need for Speed will have a narrative and customization.

Need for Speed Review – Connection Required (PS4)

Do you feel the need?!


PS4, PS3 & PS Vita New Releases: November 1 – 7, 2015 – Need for Duty

Hungry for some Dragon Fin Soup?


PlayStation New Releases for November 2015 Spotlight

Everything you need to know about the next four weeks.


Need for Speed Launch Trailer Takes You to a Racer’s Paradise

Next week we ride.


Need for Speed Trophy List Races Out, Game Has Gone Gold

31 Trophies to unlock.


Need for Speed Beta Feedback Leading to AI Changes, Minimum Internet Connection Speed Revealed

Looks like people with slow internet connection speeds won’t be able to play.


Need for Speed Trailer Shows Off the Shiny New BMW M2 Coupé, Soundtrack Details Released

Soundtrack will contain Avicii, Aero Chord, and more.


Need for Speed Beta Codes Being Sent out on PS4 & Xbox One, File Is a 19GB Download

Test runs until October 5.


EGX 2015: Need for Speed Hands-On Preview – Not Just a Pretty Face (PS4)

Dude, I almost had you.


Need for Speed Cars & Customization Trailer Zooms Out

Upgrades, decals and more.


Need for Speed Wrap Editor Adds Even More Customization to Your Car

Check out some early creations.


Need for Speed PS4 Trophy List Races Out

Do you feel the need to get ’em all?


Ghost Games: Need for Speed Runs at 30fps on PS4, Has No Micro-Transactions or Paid DLC Plans

FAQ explains why you need to always be online.


Registration Open for Need for Speed Closed Beta

Registration ends Sep 25.


Need for Speed Gameplay Trailer Explains REP and the Five Ways to Play

Speed, Style, Build, Crew, and Outlaw are the ways to play.


Need for Speed Partial Car List Revealed

Not the full list, as expected.