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The Need for Speed Movie had a “Disappointing Start on the Domestic Side”

It did very well overseas though.


Ask PSLS: Which Video Game Franchise Do You Want a Movie Based on?

Final Fantasy! … oh wait. Uh… Mario! … no? … Hmm … what about Need for Speed?


Report: Ghost Games Suffers Layoffs, New Need for Speed Title Put on Hold

EA says Ghost Games has “entered a consultation period for some positions.”


The Catch-Up: December 10th, 2013 – The Order: 1886′s “Graphic Fidelity Definitely Exceeds the Trailer”

Ghost Games is already working on the next Need for Speed.

Let’s Blow This Thing And Go Home

EA: “The Next Generation of Hardware is Incredible,” Star Wars Plans Getting Detailed at E3

Criterion gets a name drop.


Criterion Dev Debunks Need For Speed Underground, Burnout Rumors, Hints at Non-Racing Game

I’ve got the need, the need for new IP.


Aside From a Few Minor Differences, NFS: Most Wanted on Vita is “Exactly the Same Game” as the PS3 Version

Racing on the go has never looked so good.


The Chase is on in Need for Speed: Most Wanted’s Launch Trailer

Will you become Fairhaven’s most wanted driver?

Most Wanted-2-E3 2012 feature

Need for Speed: Most Wanted Preview (PS3)

When it comes to racing games, few series have had the continuousRead the full article…


UK Retailer GAME Outs Need For Speed 13 & Medal of Honor 2

Someone with access to British retailer GAME’s twitter account accidentally let theRead the full article…


Dragon Age 2 And Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit Coming to PSN Next Week

The PSN store has been releasing full PS3 games the last fewRead the full article…