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New Need for Speed Payback

New Need for Speed Payback Trailer Arrives at gamescom

2018 BMW M5 will debut in Payback.

E3 2017 – Need for Speed Payback Hands-On Preview – Fast Ride (PS4)

I have a mighty need! A need for speed…

New Need for Speed Payback

Need for Speed Payback Will Support PS4 Pro and Scorpio, Says Producer

Full details have yet to be revealed.

Need for Speed Payback 05

E3 2017 – Check Out Need for Speed Payback’s Highway Heist in Action

Most “diverse, vast” open world in the series yet.

Need for Speed Payback Races Out November 10, New Trailer, Pre-Order Bonuses Revealed

Play it three days early with the Deluxe Edition!


Need for Speed 2017 Gets Some Teaser Images, Name Reveal Happening This Week

Looks like the game is set in either Seattle or Las Vegas.


Need for Speed 2017 Includes Offline Single-Player, Ability to Pause the Game

More details coming before EA Play.

Star Wars Battlefront 555x328

EA Play 2017: Playable Games Include The Next Star Wars Battlefront & Need for Speed

As well as FIFA 18, Madden NFL 18, and NBA Live 18.


EA Talks Skate 4, New Need for Speed, Madden NFL 18, FIFA 18, UFC & NBA Live

It isn’t good news if you’re waiting for Skate 4.

Need for Speed 02 555x328

EA Registers Trademark for New Need for Speed Title

Need for Speed Arena.

PS4 Racing Games

PS4 Racing Games – Buyer’s Guide

Spin me right round.


New Need for Speed Coming in 2017, Content Update Support Ends for 2015’s Need for Speed

They want your feedback to shape Need for Speed’s future.


Need for Speed Update Today for PS4, Xbox One & PC Adds SpeedLists and More

You can unlock some new Trophies.


Need for Speed Update Today on PS4 & Xbox One Is 2.3GB, Adds the GT-R Premium 2017

See the car in action.


Need for Speed Update Today on PS4 & Xbox One Adds Manual Transmission, New Hot Rods

You’ll also find new Trophies and more.


Need for Speed Update 1.05 Today Adds Snapshot Pro, Wrap Sharing, New Trophies

You unlock a Trophy by sharing a Wrap.


Next Need for Speed Update Arrives February 3, Adds Wrap Sharing and Snapshot Pro

100+ customization parts and trophies incoming.


EA: Star Wars Battlefront Shipped More Than 13 Million Units, Need for Speed Doubled Rivals’ Active Player Base

EA was the #1 publisher in the West on PS4 and Xbox One.


Need for Speed Survey Asks for Interest in “Speedlist” Dedicated Multiplayer Mode

Dedicated multiplayer mode?


Need for Speed Update Today Brings Back Eddie, Adds New Items, Lets You Mute Phone Calls

See all the patch notes.