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EA Unsure if Need for Speed Will Be Annualized Again

EA COO Peter Moore only wants it every year if it can do something new.


Ghost Games GM: We Want to Make Need for Speed “Great Again”

Ghost Games also discusses lofty sales goals.


E3 2015 – Need for Speed Trailer, Release Date, Gameplay Video

Launches in Fall 2015.


EA E3 2015 Press Conference Will “Demonstrate a Dozen HD Titles,” Playable Games Include Battlefront & Mirror’s Edge

Expect worldwide gameplay debuts for multiple big titles, including Star Wars Battlefront.


Need for Speed Reboot Requires an Online Connection, Single Player is Included

No cockpit view camera angle.


Ghost Games Talks Need for Speed Reboot: AllDrive is Back, Cops Won’t Be Other Players & More

Leaving behind the PS3 and Xbox 360 gives them focus.


Need for Speed Reboot Announced, Launches in Fall 2015 On PS4, Xbox One & PC

It will deliver “what the fans want.”


Need for Speed to Be Given First Look on May 21

We know it’s coming out later this year.


EA Looking to Make a Need for Speed Movie Sequel

To be produced by production companies based in China.


EA: New Need for Speed “Looking Spectacular,” Star Wars Battlefront Has Huge Potential

EA Sports PGA Tour is delayed until the next quarter.


Ghost Games: No New Need for Speed Game Coming in 2014

There will be a “highly innovative” Need for Speed in 2015.


The Need for Speed Movie had a “Disappointing Start on the Domestic Side”

It did very well overseas though.


Ask PSLS: Which Video Game Franchise Do You Want a Movie Based on?

Final Fantasy! … oh wait. Uh… Mario! … no? … Hmm … what about Need for Speed?


Report: Ghost Games Suffers Layoffs, New Need for Speed Title Put on Hold

EA says Ghost Games has “entered a consultation period for some positions.”


The Catch-Up: December 10th, 2013 – The Order: 1886’s “Graphic Fidelity Definitely Exceeds the Trailer”

Ghost Games is already working on the next Need for Speed.

Let’s Blow This Thing And Go Home

EA: “The Next Generation of Hardware is Incredible,” Star Wars Plans Getting Detailed at E3

Criterion gets a name drop.


Criterion Dev Debunks Need For Speed Underground, Burnout Rumors, Hints at Non-Racing Game

I’ve got the need, the need for new IP.


Aside From a Few Minor Differences, NFS: Most Wanted on Vita is “Exactly the Same Game” as the PS3 Version

Racing on the go has never looked so good.