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call of duty ww2 sales

Call of Duty: WWII Tops Downloaded Game Charts for US PlayStation Store in December

Call of Duty reigned over the holidays.

Call of Duty WWII campaign

Call of Duty: WWII Tops Downloaded Game Charts for US PlayStation Store in November

Call of Duty continues its strong start.

FIFA 18 player count

FIFA 18 Was the Top Downloaded Game on the US PlayStation Store in October

FIFA 18 was the top seller on both consoles.

Destiny 2 Was the Top Downloaded Game on the US PlayStation Store in September

Both the main game and Expansion Pass were number one.

Crash Bandicoot ps4 sales

July 2017 PlayStation Store Charts: Crash Bandicoot Takes #1 in North America & Europe

It was a close race in North America, but not in Europe.

May 2017 PlayStation Store Charts: Injustice 2 #1 in North America, FIFA 17 #1 in Europe

Friday the 13th, NBA Playgrounds, Farpoint, Star Trek, and Dick Wilde all had strong showings.

April 2017 PlayStation Store Charts: Persona 5 1st in North America, 13th in Europe

FIFA 17 was #1 in Europe on PS4 and PS3.

March 2017 PlayStation Store Charts: Horizon Zero Dawn & Ghost Recon Wildlands Finish in 1st

Mass Effect Andromeda opened in 3rd in North America, 5th in Europe.

February 2017 PlayStation Store Charts: For Honor #1 in North America, ARK #1 in Europe

Horizon Zero Dawn debuted in 2nd in North America, after just one day on sale.

January 2017 PlayStation Store Charts: ARK Repeats at #1, Resident Evil 7 Opens in 2nd

Gravity Rush 2 and Yakuza 0 didn’t chart.

2016 PlayStation Store Charts: Rocket League #1 on PS4, Digimon #1 on PS Vita

Rocket League outperformed Battlefield 1 and FIFA 17.

November 2016 PlayStation Store Charts: Infinite Warfare Takes #1 on PS4

Final Fantasy XV sees a strong opening, despite launching at the end of the month.

October 2016 PlayStation Store Charts: Battlefield 1 Wins on PS4, Batman #1 on PSVR

Titanfall 2 didn’t chart in Europe.

September 2016 PlayStation Store Charts: FIFA 17, NBA 2K17 Take #1

No Man’s Sky doesn’t chart in either territory.

August 2016 PlayStation Store Charts: No Man’s Sky #1 on PS4 in North America & Europe

Battlefield games continued to sell well.

July 2016 PlayStation Store Charts: God of War 3 Remastered, Rocket League #1 on PS4

7 Days to Die debuted in 2nd in both North America and Europe.

June 2016 PlayStation Store Charts: Battlefield 4 Places in 1st on PS4

Hardline finished in 2nd in Europe and 3rd in North America.

May 2016 PlayStation Store Charts: Uncharted 4 Wins in Both North America & Europe

Overwatch and Doom also enjoy good months.

April 2016 PlayStation Store Charts: Dark Souls 3, Ratchet & Clank #1 on PS4

Severed was #1 on Vita in North America.

March 2016 PlayStation Store Charts: The Division & Rocket League Strong on PS4

Salt & Sanctuary has an impressive debut in North America.