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Take-Two’s Lawyers Respond to Lindsay Lohan’s GTA V Lawsuit, Say It’s a Publicity Stunt

Take-Two wants Lohan to pay the legal fees.


Rockstar Extends GTA Online Flight School Events Due to PSN and XBL Attacks

Flight School Snapmatic and Creator contests remain open.


Rockstar Apologizes for Delayed GTA Online Heists

I’m Not a Hipster Event Weekend detailed.


Take-Two: Rockstar is Releasing a PS4/Xbox One Game Prior to March 2015

What could it be? Grand Theft Auto V? Red Dead Redemption 2? Agent?


Rockstar: GameSpy Shutdown Removes Online Play or Leaderboards for Multiple Titles

Grand Theft Auto V is unaffected, Red Dead Redemption loses multiplayer leaderboards.


Take-Two’s Next-Gen Titles Will be New IPs and “Proven Franchises”, Haven’t Discussed “Any Plans” for Grand Theft Auto

Borderlands 2 is on track to be 2K’s best selling title ever.


Rockstar on Video Game Reviews: When it Breaks Down Into Checklists, You May as Well Have Made a Lawnmower

Grand Theft Auto V review checklist: Is it fun? Check. Is it a big world? Check.


Rockstar Confirms That GTA Online Gameplay Video is Coming Thursday

Let the anticipation build.


Rockstar Toronto Developing “Large Scale” Next Gen Open World Game

Maximum pain.


New GTA V Screens Show Sharks, Mini-subs, More

Grand Theft Submarine


Outrage Over GTA’s Sexy Hot Coffee Wouldn’t Have Happened if it was a Book or Film, Says Rockstar

Then why won’t Penguin publish my War and Peace sex fan fiction?


Watch Rockstar’s Second Trailer for GTA V Live Right Now

Game of the Year 2013.


Grand Theft Auto V Set to Release in Spring 2013, Claims Alleged Posters

Can you wait another 6 months?


Grand Theft Auto III Confirmed for PSN Release This Week

Lock and load.


10 PS2 Classics We’re Dying to Have Added to the PlayStation Store

That’s a lot of JRPGs…


Max Payne 3 Screenshots Display a Dramatic Evolution in Graphics

The Max Payne series disappeared for a few years after its secondRead the full article…


Pachter: GTA Won’t Maintain Position as Biggest Mainstream Franchise

Grand Theft Auto is arguably the biggest mainstream franchise in gaming, butRead the full article…


Max Payne 3 Brings the Pain Next March

Max Payne 3 has a new expected release window, as Take-Two InteractiveRead the full article…