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Rive Review – Bullet Hell Incarnate (PS4)

Oh,, you thought you were bad at games before? Well I have the game for you…

Rive Launches on September 13 for PS4 & PC

A Vita version of Two Tribes’ final game isn’t planned.

Watch This Action-Filled Trailer for Developer Two Tribe’s Last Game, RIVE

It looks like there won’t be an Xbox One version.

Developer Two Tribes Retiring, Rive Is Their Final New Game

Rive launches in September 2016.

Toki Tori 2+ Adds Telepathic Frogs, Releases February 23 for PS4 at Retail & Digital Stores

The frogs help flesh out the backstory.

Rive Gameplay Trailer Shows Off Hacking, Two Tribes Confirms It Won’t Come to PS Vita

It can’t work on PS Vita due to “hardware limitations.”

Rive Gameplay Video Features Hectic Shooting and Beautiful Colors

So many beautiful colors.

2D Shooter Rive Announced by Two Tribes, Aiming for PS4, Xbox One, Wii U, & PC

“Vita might be able to run it, but so far targeting PC and consoles.”