I got my Beta code… Metal Gear Saga DVD Vol. 2


Well its here.  Finally some relief on my part.  I have MGS4 LE reserved and MGS4 regular edition reserved at 2 different Gamestop stores, to enure I got my copy of Metal Gear Saga DVD Vol. 2.

I’ve been calling almost daily asking the 2 Gamestop stores, when they are getting this DVD, and the Beta codes.   Unfortunately even the Gamestop store managers have no idea what they are talking about, and I have heard everything from, “The beta is something you have to sign up for online” to”We dont get the promo DVDs until the week the game is being released” and everything in between.

While out shopping for construction supplies with my father one day, I stopped at a couple Gamestop stores, only to leave empty handed.  My father knowing how much I wanted this DVD and Beta code, decided to surprise me and get one for me on Ebay.  This was a really nice thing for him to do, since I am 25, starting my own family, and he hasnt bought me anything in years (and he doesnt have to).

So now before Gamestop has even got them (somehow GameCrazy has got them), I have one in my hands and I can finally let out a huge sign of relief.  PHEW!!!  I am in the Premiere Beta.

Starting April 17th the Beta will be available for download via the PSN.  We go to Account Management > Transaction Management >  Redeem PlayStation Network card or Promotional Code.  After the Beta Key has been entered correctly click continue.  Once you accept the terms and conditions, you will be taken to a download screen.  (Huge thanks to OldBloodAndGuts, a good friend to the blog, for that step by step information)

So all thats left is to wait.  Wait until April 17th to download it, then wait until April 21st to start playing it.

See you all in the beta