Warhawk 1.3 patch is live

Ok everybody after your done reading this article…   RUN dont walk to your PS3 and download the new Warhawk 1.3 patch.

I didnt think we would see this update until much closer to April 17th when the new PS Store launches.  Seeing that this patch has Home integration as one of the items on the changelog,  I am starting to think that the “big surprise” SCEE was talking about is going to be Home Open Beta.  I dont know for sure, and I am currently talking to as many people as possible trying to get some info on what the surprise may be.  Lets just home this surprise isnt just from SCEE, and SCEA give us this “surprise” as well.

Here is the changelog for Warhawk patch 1.3

-BIO-FIELD EMITTER (creates a area(field) which heals allies, and damages enemies)

-MECHANIC FIELD WRENCH (repairs allies vehicles as well as damaging enemies vehicles, turrets, etc.)

-Integration of Contest Winner Insignias and Paint Schemes

-.50cal turret targeting enhanced

-Point value update for CTF defend and flag-carrier kill

-CTF Sudden-Death trigger fix

-Disabled CTF Flag throw/drop functionality

-New VOIP Functionality

-HOME Game-Launching