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Rumor: Super StarDust HD add-on coming with new PS Store.

April 10, 2008Written by Anthony Severino

If you visit this blog regularly you know that Sev1512, gets some insider tips every now and again.

Well just recently I got some info on what is coming to the newly redesigned PS Store.

Most of you know about GT5:Prologue,  Operation: Broken Mirror, the Rock Band DLC, and the Call of Duty 4 Map packs that are on the way.

But one tidbit, that most of you dont know, is that there is some add-on content coming for the highly acclaimed PSN title Super StarDust HD.  I do not know at this time what exactly is in this add-on.

As of right now, file this one under “RUMOR” until we get some more concrete info.

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