Heroes Goes Blu

On the heels of announcing its plans for blu releases for the remainder of the year, Universal has dropped another bombshell. Heroes Seasons 1 and 2 will be released on blu-ray on August 26th. The immensely popular series will make a great addition to any blu-ray collection. I must applaud Universal on taking the necessary steps in showing its full support for blu-ray. I think I will have to reward them with several purchases. It’s only polite. Lol

Look forward to a new post on a weekly basis that will detail the newly announced titles for blu-ray and the upcoming releases for that week. There will be instances, such as this one, where a title is highly anticipated and will receive its own separate post.

All I can say is that Paramount is going to have to announce a dynamic offering of titles in order to prevent from being the bottom dweller of market share once it returns to producing blu titles. Here’s to hoping that Transformers will be amongst Paramount’s announcements once turning blu.