This Week’s Blu-Cast

Another week, another opportunity to get your hand on some Blu-Ray releases. There are 2 Imax movies, a comedy that I did not find funny, and 2 movies that will be added to my collection. Men In Black is a definite buy. I loved the movie as a kid and I still love the movie now. So I Married An Axe Murderer is on the list as well. I snuck and saw the movie when my parents had rented it when I was younger. (By no means is me condoning such behavior, lol). I enjoyed the movie and I am happy to see it get the blu treatment.

Will you be picking up any Blu-Ray this week? Remember the links take you to and allow you to see screenshots and reviews of the titles.

Release date
Men in Black Jun 17, 2008
Fool’s Gold Jun 17, 2008
Be Kind Rewind Jun 17, 2008
Wolves (IMAX) Jun 17, 2008
Bears (IMAX) Jun 17, 2008