Possible New Gamercard Pages Revealed

Thanks to ps3fanboy and a tip from PlayStationLifeStyle reader and forum member, we see some likely new images of Gamercard pages!

Here’s the description from their article:

Our sources have got back to us with a couple more images today. These images show off the third page of the user profiles (seen above) which contain some basic information on the player. Much like the “profiles” we have right now, this includes an “about me” section and a list of the languages that you can speak. A second image, that we’ve placed after the break, shows what you you will see when you first look at someone else’s profile.

From here you can see (presumably) when you last played against them, what game it was in and some extra information of some kind. That’s all a bit vague at the moment. Buttons underneath the gamer card allow you to interact with that player by adding them as a friend, sending them a message, blocking them or comparing trophies against them. Our source says that comparing trophies currently doesn’t work, so that could be the cause of the firmware’s delay.

Again, we stress that these are unconfirmed screenshots and, as such, could turn out to be fake. We believe enough in what we see (and hear) to put these up for your consideration.