Fat Princess Impressions

Have you seen Fat Princess? That may be a bad question at this time. I am quite certain that you have heard something about this upcoming PSN title by now. Nothing like a game with a childish theme that allows for playful displays of violence and mayhem. You might have caught a glimpse of it during the Sony Press Conference, but I’ll tell you what I saw when Sev1512 and I were shown the game by the developer.

First and foremost you must understand that the main strategy of the game is to make the opposing princess as fat as possible. Why? Because this game is essentially a capture the flag type game. The developer showed us the deathmatch gameplay. I must say, that I was impressed. The came consists of 32-player matches that  can be all players or a mix of players and AI. The developer controlled a character, put on a worker hat and immediately built gates for the castle. After the gate had been completed, the castle was under seige by the enemy. The developer stressed that this title was early in development, so the AI was rather impressive.

The first skirmish allowed us to see the various classes that are in the game. The Priest was healing, the Archer was shooting arrows, the Swordman was hacking, and the Wizards were casting spells. The game seemed rather balanced even at this early stage. No class had a clear advantage. Swordmen were slower than archers, but more capable of doing damage in close combat. I enjoy games that allow each class to be useful.

The 20 minute presentation left me with one question: When is this coming out? I was happy to hear that it will be late this year or early next year. Nothing concrete, but definitely enough to let me know that I’ll be able to battle each of you online in this game sooner than later.