PlayStation LifeStyle Trivia Winners And Answers

Thanks to everyone who participated!
Thanks to everyone who participated!

Our plan was to post the PSLS Trivia winners on Friday nights, but since I won’t be around later tonight, I am posting them now.  I wouldn’t want to keep all you eager participants waiting!!  I know how PlayStation fans don’t like delays…

So without further ado, here are the first 3 readers to email us the correct responses…




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Q1: Who was the founder and “father” of PlayStation?

Answer: Ken Kutaragi

Q2:  What was the original name for the company that is now Sony?

Answer: Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo (English translation: Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Company)

Q3:  What company was Sony developing a CD based add-on for, which eventually became the PSOne?

Answer: Nintendo

Q4:  What was the first million seller on the PS3?

Answer: Resistance: Fall of Man

Q5:  What was the name of the Black colored PSOne that allowed users access to minor development features?

Answer: Net Yaroze

Q6:  What game was launched bundled with the uber-failure the PS2 HDD?

Answer: Final Fantasy XI

Q7: In what month and year, did the original Dual Shock controller debut in America?

Answer: May 1998

Q8:  How thin are Sony’s cutting edge OLED HDTVs?

Answer: 3mm (also accepted the thickness of the newer prototype version of 0.3mm)

Q9:  What is the name of the “dancing” “egg” shaped music/mp3 player debuted by Sony at this years CES?

Answer: Rolly

Q10:  What is the best selling PlayStation game of all time?

Answer: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (also accepted best selling PSOne game, Gran Turismo)

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Thanks for participating!!