This Week’s Blu-Cast

Written by Chris Rah Osiris
Yes, I will watch the 2nd movie at least once
Yes, I will watch the 2nd movie at least once

Hello everyone. Hope you all had a pleasant week and were able to pick up one of the many Blu-Ray releases from last week. This week has a considerably smaller selection. Not even half as many titles are being released this week as last. That does not mean that there is nothing worth purchasing. I am excited for the Starship Trooper Trilogy release. I am not particularly interested in the 2nd entry in the series, but the 1st is a personal favorite. I have heard pretty decent things about the 3rd title as well. You can also buy Batman Begins with a special figurine.

You know what question is next. What will you be purchasing this week? Feel free to list titles from last week.

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Release date
Starship Troopers Aug 05, 2008
Wild China Aug 05, 2008
Nim’s Island Aug 05, 2008
The Counterfeiters Aug 05, 2008
Batman Begins – Bonus Figurine Edition Aug 05, 2008