PlayStation LifeStyle Trivia: Metal Gear Solid Series

Written by Sev1512

Continuing our new “LifeStyle” direction…  Last week we added a new feature to PlayStation LifeStyle…

How "Solid" are your trivia skills?

Here is this weeks PSLS Trivia, thanks for making last weeks trivia such a success.

Please email your answers to and remember, please DO NOT comment below with the answers.

This weeks trivia “theme” is Metal Gear Solid Series.

Best cast in gaming history!
Best cast in gaming history!

Q1) Who cut off Revolver Ocelot’s arm?

Q2) What do the initials E.E. stand for?

Q3) What did you have to do, in order to damage Psycho Mantis?

Q4) Who wears the Ninja Costume in MGS2?

Q5) True or False: Roy Campbell was Raiden’s Commander?

Q6) What character also goes by the name “Shalashaska”?

Q7) What is the name of Snake’s Mission in MGS3?

Q8 ) At the end of MGS3, what title is given to Snake?

Q9) True or False: Hideo Kojima directed Portable Ops.

Q10) Where does the final stage in MGS4 take place?