More Little Big Planet Pre-Order Info

Written by Chris Rah Osiris
Looks like there is competition for the Helghast Sack Boy
Looks like there is competition for the Helghast Sack Boy

We have some more info on which stores and online retailers will be offering which pre-order goodies for LBP. The first 2 retailers announced are Gamestop (not shocked) and Amazon (yay). Here is how the two shape up.

Gamestop will offer the Kratos downloadable sackboy in-game content. The content is interchangeable on your sackboy or sackgirl. You will receive a voucher that will allow you to download this content. (I am torn because I do all of my shopping at Amazon, but I really want Kratos).

Amazon will offer the Brady mini-guide for level creation in the game. I suggest everyone that is interested in becoming a creator pre-order the game from Amazon. That way you can offer the best levels to your gaming audience. (I will rate all levels I play honestly).

I will be pre-ordering the game from both. (I will send a copy of the game to my brother as an early Christmas present. I think that he will like it.)

Now we need to find out who will be offering Nariko, the game pouch, and the sticker book. Any guesses?

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