PSLS Sony Leipzig Announcement Wish List

Written by Chris Rah Osiris
Please announce this there
Please announce this there

We here at PSLS are extremely excited for the upcoming Leipzig Games Convention. The guarantee of 12 announcements at Leipzig has only added fuel to the fire. We already know that Heavy Rain will be at the show. We also know that Killzone 2’s multiplayer will be playable for the first time. So the authors at PSLS came together and created a list of things that we hope are a part of the 12 announcements.

  • Home Release Date: We are hoping for an official date to be announced for the Open Beta
  • PlayStation Store on the PSP: You want it. We want it. Sony said it is coming. Bring it.
  • RPGs: Need we say more?
  • PSEye Content: XMB Interaction? How about more interaction with games?
  • PSP w/ Integrated Microphone: That rumored PSP-3001
  • Life with Playstation: When is the world getting it? (We would like an OFFICIAL US Release Date too)
  • Expansion of PSN to the PC and PSP: It was annnounced at E3. Can we see it in action?
  • New Controller: Everyone expected motion controllers at E3. Leipzig could be the stage for its unveiling
  • God of War III Gameplay: An extended trailer would be greatly appreciated.
  • Explanation of trophies and gamer level: What will the purpose of the gaming level be? Sony did say that there would be more to trophies than just collecting them.
  • New IPs: What new IPs have you been working on Sony?
  • Naughty Dog’s Game: Please!!!!!! Can you at least let us know if it is Uncharted 2 or Jak?

That is what we came up with. The list is in no particular order. We have varying opinions on which announcement would be the most impactful. Was there anything on your list that you think we need to add? What about anything on our list that you think should be taken off? Let us know

Tomorrow Leipzig kicks off. Remember to return to PSLS frequently for the up to the minute information on the Games Convention. The Sony Press Conference begins as 11 AM EST.