PSP-3000: What You Should Know

Written by Sev1512

Before you trade in your current PSP to start saving up for the forthcoming PSP-3000, PlayStation LifeStyle gives you a glimpse at what reasons (if any) there is for you to fork out more cash for the newest PSP model…

The biggest bombshell, which has yet to be confirmed, is that the new PSP-3000 will support DualShock controllers.  According to US Patent Application 0070174531, there is a “control docking unit” that through “wired or wireless communication link,” will be able to “facilitate use of one or more controls provided on the control docking unit.”

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The PSP-2000 introduced a video out port, that allowed users to play games on their 480p or higher TVs using a component cable, leaving those with 480i TVs unable to use this wonderful new feature.  PSP-3000 aims to change all this, as Maxconsole is reporting that the PSP-3000 will support composite cables to use with 480i TVs.

Of course there are the already announced features that the new PSP-3000 sports, such as built-in mic for Skype or other applications, as well as a brighter LCD screen and new anti-reflection technology and a “wider color gamut”.  The new screen also boasts five times the contrast ratio, on top of having a quicker response time.

Unfortunately that brighter LCD screen comes with a price.  Because of the larger power draw of the brighter screen, it will reduce the PSP’s battery life by about 20-30 minutes which was discussed recently by SCEA’s marketing manager, John Koller.

The PSP-3000 has undergone a few cosmetic changes also.  A thinner ring around the “PSP” logo on the back, and concave sides on the face of the PSP allow for a better grip.

Just as the PSP-2000, the first color to be available will be silver PSP, that’s included in a Ratchet & Clank Entertainment Pack. For $199 you get a Silver PSP-3000, Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters UMD game, a National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets UMD movie, a PlayStation Network download voucher for Echochrome, and a 1GB Memory Stick Pro Duo, available October 14, 2008.

Soon to follow is the black PSP-3000, to be available as a bundle, also as a core pack. The black PSP bundle is due in November, and will include a Black PSP-3000, a 4GB Memory Stick Pro Duo, and a PlayStation Network download voucher for Everyday Shooter (which confirms that Everyday Shooter is coming to the PSP) also for $199.

My biggest problem with this PSP-3000 is that just last year I purchased the PSP-2000.  If I shell out for this PSP-3000, will there be a PSP-4000 coming next year with even more new features?