This Week’s Blu-Cast

Written by Chris Rah Osiris

I could make this a sentence long and just tell you to purchase Transformers this week. I am really leaning toward doing that. I was interested in the Next Avenger offering for a short while, but I do not think it will get a first day purchase. Robotech and Outbreak might just make the cut. Who in their right mind could turn down Robotech?

As always, these links will take you to Some of the movies have been reviewed and there are screenshots available for your viewing pleasure.

Release date
Eraser Sep 02, 2008
Outbreak Sep 02, 2008
The Gauntlet Sep 02, 2008
Marine Aquarium Sep 02, 2008
Black Mask (Hak Hap) Sep 02, 2008
Married Life Sep 02, 2008
Sunrise Earth: Seaside Collection Sep 02, 2008