The Impact of White Knight Story

Written by Chris Rah Osiris
The Impact of White Knight Story

Famitsu delivered one amazing Christmas gift to RPG fans in Japan. An RPG for Christmas is certainly going to make gamers happy. To say White Knight Story fell off the radar would be an overstatement, but this game has been MIA for about a year now. This has some worried. Threads regarding the apparent rushed release of the title are popping up. Hold your horses, cool your heels, and rest assured, this is not the case.

Level-5 unveiled this game to the world in 2006 and PS3 owners rejoiced. It has been 2 years, and PS3 owners have yet to truly have their JRPG thirst quenched. This is not a knock on other RPG titles available for the PS3. However, this is my personal thank you to Level-5. I have no clue what this feature or element is. It could be a myriad of things, but this article will not delve too deep into that.

Do you recall the Star Ocean 4 announcement? Do you recall the Final Fantasy XIII announcement? Of course you do. You have to remember these slaps in the face. That is an exaggeration to some, yet where did Star Ocean game acclaim outside of Japan? That is right, on a PLAYSTATION console. I have been asked if I will purchase a 360 in order to continue my enjoyment of the series. The answer to that question is no. I love Star Ocean, but it is far from my favorite RPG series of all time. I am a Final Fantasy guy. The 360 has been receiving tremendous RPG support from developers for reasons unbeknownst to us. (I’m lying, it is the money). Purchasing the console would only justify the practice which I have previously expressed my disdain for.

White Knight Story is a 1st party title. We know what we can expect from titles that are published by Sony on the PS3, GREATNESS. I have been screaming and kicking for another Legend of Dragoon, yet another argument for another day, but Sony has seen what it must do to start the overall hemorrhaging of the RPG genre, release JRPG goodness. RPG developers are just as competitive as any other developer, but there always seems to be an additional element of gamesmanship when RPGs are involved. You do remember the good old days when Enix and Squaresoft were at war. RPG classics were falling from the heavens and into our consoles. Those days are long gone. Could Sony be sparking another RPG war? I sure hope so. Turn your attention back to that promised element of White Knight Story that is only possible on the PS3, if I want to match the effort of Level-5, where will I have to make my RPG title to show my RPG dominance? Bingo.

So again thanks to Level-5 and Sony. It appears that you remember what it means to be an artist. Yes, games are art and RPGs are the highest form available. (That is sans any Kojima title. I am a RPG lover, but a fool by no means.). PSLS and the raving RPG fan base are looking forward to the 2nd coming of the RPG wars. Hopefully the other developers will step up to the table.