Update, and Introducing Social Bookmarks

Written by LinuxGuru

Wave of the Future

Hey everyone, Linux here. I’d like to give you an update on some of the new mini-directions we’re taking here at PlayStation LifeStyle.

First , and not so ‘mini’, was the PlayStation LifeStyle Store. We are so proud of what we do here for all of you, that we thought “what better way to spread the knowledge of PlayStation LifeStyle than clothing!?” Next to word of mouth, clothing is the most effective way to show people who or what you support and love, right?

Secondly, staying in the subject of networking, at the end of each and every post from this day forward, you’ll see several links at the bottom of our stories. These links will assist you in bringing our stories and information to top-rated social bookmarking and networking sites out there such as Digg, Technorati, Furl, Del.icio.us, Yahoo, and others.

We would be so grateful if you’d help us spread the light of PSLS to the deepest, darkest corners of the internet. Tell your friends about us, tell your forum buddies on another favorite site of yours, tell your online gaming friends on PSN, tell everyone!

We want to grow here at PSLS, and we need your help. Thank you so very much for visiting us every day, and with a personal twist we shall continue to give you the information and news that is relevant to your ‘PlayStation LifeStyle‘.


PlayStation LifeStyle Content Editor

Administrative Assistant