Titanfall 2 Multiplayer Test Early Access Code Giveaway! (Update)

Update: It seems EA is in a giving mood, as the publisher has sent us more codes! Go follow the instructions below and our social media guru, Stephen, will contact the winning commenters. Also, we’ll be giving some (just a few) on the official PlayStation LifeStyle Twitter within the day, so make sure to check there as well,

Original Story: In case you didn’t know, Respawn’s upcoming game, Titanfall 2, will have its first open multiplayer test this coming weekend. Now, if you’re like the many first-person shooter fans out there, waiting for the test to open to everyone is just sheer torture, right?

Fortunately for you, this is where PlayStation LifeStyle comes in! While we gave a few codes out on Twitter earlier today, we’re now letting the site readers get a chance at nabbing one! How to get in the running to win one? Just leave a comment telling us if you were a Titan in Titanfall 2, what would your special power be? It doesn’t need to be super serious, but the best comments will get a US code sent to their email or Twitter. Easy, right? Now, if you’re not from the US or don’t have a US account, just create one, redeem the code there, and revert back to your original account so you can play it — assuming you win one, of course.

And don’t forget, when leaving a comment, please leave your email address or Twitter handle as well so we have a way of sending you your Titanfall 2 multiplayer test early access key ASAP. Winning comments will be picked by our social media guy, Stephen Bitto and various members of the staff, so don’t blame me if you don’t win, alright? Codes will be sent out later today and early tomorrow, so best to leave a comment now and get in while you can.

The Titanfall 2 multiplayer test will be open to everyone starting this Friday, August 19-21, and another one will take place the following weekend (August 26-28). Check out the full details to know the maps, game modes and more.

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