LittleBigPlanet Arrives October 7th?!?! Apparently Not.

Written by Chris Rah Osiris
Entering your atmosphere October 21st

I know, I know, you want this to be true. I want this to be true; considering the source you may even believe this is true. PlayStation Underground cannot be wrong, can it? Anything is possible.The October 7th release date that is given in the email is 14 days earlier than the October 21st date that was given on the Blog. Hopefully this is resolved soon. I am still circling October 21st on my calendar. If a lovely package from Amazon is on my doorstep October 7th, I know that Christmas has come early.

Looks like the latest post on the Blog gave the same date as before, October 21st. Nothing to see here. No need for disappointment either. You knew that the email was likely mistaken. Less than a month away from buckets of fun. Maybe I should say sacks of fun?