PlayStation Firmwares Coming Soon

Written by Chris Rah Osiris
You will actually be able to experience PlayStation everywhere you go
You will actually be able to experience PlayStation everywhere you go

Eric Lempel announced the obvious to PlayStation owners today; Firmware updates are coming for the PS3 and PSP. Each of these updates are bringing several new features that should leave PlayStation owners overjoyed. Now to decide which update to discuss first, any suggestions? I think I’ll go with the PSP, that update is just too good hold back. Firmware 5.00 brings:

  • A full keyboard on screen. YAY

  • PSN log-in
  • PlayStation Store
  • A sleep timer
  • XMB Background redesign. (Doesn’t most everyone use a wallpaper now)
  • Full info here

That’s a good start, heck, if that was the only update for the week, I’d be dancing. You know that can’t be the case. We need new firmware for those Official Sony Headsets that are coming out tomorrow. (Socom Bundle for those that forgot). This is the rundown of what is the latest PS3 firmware update (2.50):

  • Official Headset Support
  • Redeem Code Feature on PS Store
  • Search Scene Video Feature
  • Auto-Off after Background download completion
  • Power save options
  • Friend status
  • PlayStation trophy info enhancement
  • Full info here

Sony is doing it big this week. We will have 2 firmware updates, the release of the official headset, and PSN goes mobile. Not to mention that the PSN store on the PSP uses the same cash you put in your wallet previously, something Nintendo just doesn’t think is convenient or necessary. Thanks Sony!!!!!!!!!!!