PlayStation Home Appears in PSN Registration

Written by Chris Rah Osiris
Sony, please let us all go Home

Home Open Beta is supposed to be released this year. (Yes, it was supposed to be last year too, but that’s not the point). There have been several signs that the Open Beta may actually arrive this time. You have games that tout Home integration, Socom: Confrontation and Bioshock, and the release of 3rd party game spaces. Far Cry 2 is the first of many more to come. These are exciting times for those in the Closed Beta, but glimmers of hope for those of us on the outside dying to get in.

There is more hope for you all. If you go to create a new PSN account, you will now see a reference to PlayStation Home. Sony knows that this could be a huge issue if Home does not get released this year; so I doubt that they would put the company in such a situation if it were not able to deliver.  Home is coming, the question about exactly when is unanswered. Rest assured, as soon as we have any solid information, known as information from SCEI, about the release date, we will post it for your joyous shouts of pleasure. Hopefully something is said soon, we all want to go Home.