Burnout Party

Written by Chris Rah Osiris
Its Party Time!
It's Party Time!

Burnout Paradise is the game that keeps on giving. The number of updates this title has seen makes it appear as if it has just been released over and over again. I am not even taking the game’s availability on the PS Store into account. If you wanted to know how successful the game has been on the PS Store, what do you think about 20,000 downloads?

On the PS Blog, Criterion dropped a few tidbits about a new Burnout Paradise Network that will be exclusive to the PS3. The post goes on to explain a new party mode. This is specifically for the times when you would a ton of friends over, but you don’t want to have a Madden tournament. This mode offers multiplayer fun for friends when they can actually see each other. Remember when offline multiplayer was a big deal? I miss those days.