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Say Goodbye to Servers for the Original Burnout Paradise This August

For fans still enjoying 2008’s Burnout Paradise online, it’s best to polish off those remaining challenges now. Servers for the original release are scheduled to shut down later this year on August 1, 2019. This will only apply to the game as it appears on PlayStation 3, PC, and Xbox 360 platforms. Online functionality for Burnout Paradise Remastered, which launched on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One in March 2018, will be wholly unaffected.

Burnout Paradise’s official Facebook page announced the news in a brief post. Read the full statement below:

Burnout Paradise fans, after over 11.5 years of service, the servers for the original 2008 game will be closing on August 1st 2019. That affects Xbox 360, PS3 and PC versions. Offline play will still be available of course, and Burnout Paradise Remastered servers are unaffected.

Thanks to the lingering hardcore few for staying with us. You’ve got 106 days (or so) to finish all those barrel-roll challenges!

Though Burnout Paradise seems to have a relatively dedicated community, it’s a wonder the servers were maintained for over a decade, especially following the launch of Burnout Paradise Remastered. Of course, whether the remastered release receives similar long term support remains to be seen.

Considered among the best of its genre, Burnout Paradise launched for consoles and PC in 2008 to critical acclaim. The game’s massive open-world, set in the fictional locale of Paradise City, received much of the praise, as did many of its new gameplay mechanics. For example, the addition of gas stations in Burnout Paradise greatly improved upon the classic Burnout experience, playing a significant role in much of the game’s myriad events.

While the wait for another entry in the beloved series persists, Burnout fans may want to try their hand at Dangerous Driving. The Burnout-like title recently hit store shelves for PS4, PC, and Xbox One, and was developed by founders of Criterion, the studio behind the acclaimed racing franchise.

Still want to get in some racing action with Burnout Paradise? Buy the remastered version on PS4 on Amazon.

[Source: Burnout Paradise on Facebook via COGconnected]

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