Sony, Marketing, and Other Random Topics Related to Gaming

Written by Chris Rah Osiris chrisrahosiris-48

How should I start this? I guess I’ll make this simple and straight to the point, Sony has been very busy as of late. Not only has Sony released several amazing titles, LBP, R2, and Motorstorm, but Sony is going to deliver on Home. Yes, finally, everyone is going Home. Which reminds me, Sony, you owe me my beta code. I’ll be calling you shortly. This does not mean that Sony has righted all of the wrongs of this generation. Sony has finally begun to do what we knew Sony would do all along, distinguish itself from the rest of the pack. Finally we are seeing our PSN IDs be our means of getting into all things PlayStation. Heck, they have even given us a PlayStation credit card. The PlayStation LifeStyle is really picking up, wouldn’t you say?

Now for Marketing. I had to capitalize Marketing because it is such a big deal. Titles such as Gears of War 2 have multimillion dollar campaigns and they have the sales to match. LBP was not marketed nearly as much and now people are calling it a flop. Odd? No. Correct? No. Marketing is definitely the key to this generation, look at the Wii. The media called it amazing the people listened. They did forget to tell the people that the 3rd party publishers are not releasing too many amazing titles for the console.  So just like the Wii phenomenon, Gears of War 2 is exploding on the scene due to marketing and, I will admit, by being an amazing title. Sony, you need to push the marketing. Oh wait, you have. R2 has had a strong singular campaign, but Sony seems more dedicated to showing all that it has to offer. Do you see any other 360 games that are truly worthy of the Gears of War 2 marketing?

Now for my random topics.

The rumor regarding the March price cut could be true despite the official denial. We all know admitting that there will be a price cut will hurt holiday sales, and no one would like that. You may be interested in why there was no holiday price cut. Remember that little drive in your console. Yea, the Blu-Ray drive. There are other companies that release Blu-Ray players. What happens if the PS3 is by far the least expensive Blu-Ray player on the market? People will likely not buy the other players and then Sony turns into Toshiba with HD-DVD. You cannot undercut your partners. It is bad business and we all know the prices have been coming down anyway. We will be seeing a less expensive PS3 soon enough, but with that new bundle that Best Buy has, maybe we are just going to get more value at our current price point.

Mortal Kombat vs DC will get a quick blurb out of me. I was not thrilled when I initially heard about the title. Superman does not belong in a fighting game. I guess MK was trying to get in on that whole Marvel vs Capcom love fest. I tried to give MK vs DC a chance, but it was not for me. I repeat, Superman does not belong in fighting games.

God of War III gets a high five and a drool. The high five is for the praise that Jaffe is giving it. The drool is for what I imagine the title must look like. God of War III could easily make me the happiest man on earth. I wonder if there will be a multiplayer component? I am sure there will be something. Sony is all about the community, Home, and multiplayer these days.

Clubs in Home. Yes, there will be a PSLS club. Yes, you can join. More on that as Sev decides to make a post about it. 😉 We wouldn’t forget to have you guys in our club.

Killzone 2. Amazing, outstanding, and no install. That means every other developer needs to get on it. Yes, I’m looking at you. You= every developer that has some huge ungodly install. Kojima is excluded. Fersis, Sev, myself, and all PSLS love Kojima.

Well that is it for now. Remember, if you own a HDTV, hook your PS3 up to a SDTV once in a while. It will truly allow you to appreciate the experience when you go back to the High Def display.

P.S. –  take advantage of the Black Friday deals. I wish I could 🙁