Secret Project #1 – What is Relentless Software working on now?

Written by stalkingsilence stalkingsilence-48
Relentless Softwares Secret Project #1
Relentless Software's Secret Project #1

When browsing around the Relentless Software website (the guys who brought us the Buzz! franchise), I noticed an exciting section where they hint at their next project: Secret Project #1.

“At Relentless we’re more than a one hit wonder. Sony keep us very busy with our Buzz projects but there’s something bubbling under at Relentless Towers. We’ve taken everything we’ve learned about making social games and the result is what, for the time being, is known as Secret Project #1.”

The clue is actually a series of four pixelated images and one section of pixelated text.  Here we see each piece separately:

I don’t have the software to do it, but what would happen if we overlay all four images?  Or is it possible to de-pixelate text, using image-processing software available?

Help me out here as I try to solve the code!

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