Playstation Exclusive Premieres on VGAs Tonight

Written by Chris Rah Osiris chrisrahosiris-48


You have heard the news several times over. God of War 3 and Uncharted 2 have been confirmed to be there. There are also some secret titles that will make their debut there. The pre-show begins at 8pm EST and the anticipation will only grow from there. David Jaffe has already confirmed that the GOW3 stuff that will be shown is not what he saw. (Why am I not surprised). This is fine though. I cannot think of anyone that does not want to get a peak of GOW3.  The thought of Uncharted 2 being overshadowed is troublesome. With that in mind, I doubt that is likely to happen. Uncharted 2 will likely make a nice splash. Did you see the magazine love that the title has received so far? This speaks well of the title.

Now…I will be watching tonight. Will you? Better yet, what titles are those that have yet to be revealed tonight? I have high hopes for tonight.