Have a Heart? Give a Heart: Take Nothing For Granted

Written by Sev1512 sev1512-48

We all seem to forget that the holidays are about GIVING and being with the ones you love…

Well, I am here to tell you a true holiday story.  A story that embodies exactly what the holidays are really about.

This holiday season, Sergio Lenza will give a gift to his friend’s family that they will never forget.  People always say the best gifts are gift that are made yourself from the heart.  This particular gift was made using LittleBigPlanet’s CREATE mode.  PSN user Sergio Lenza Jr. (PSN ID: VinnyCafoneJr) decided he was going to create a level dedicated to the memory of his good friend, Bobby Kilner Jr. who passed away July 24th, 2006.

The level itself is a Christmas gift for Bobby’s sister.  Sergio will be debuting the level for Bobby’s family on December 27th.  This gift was created so that “Bobby’s spirit could live on in any means that are made possible.”

So please, I ask you…

Check out the level in LittleBigPlanet once it’s published on December 27th.  Please have a heart, and give a heart to the author and to the level itself.  Both of which are very much deserving of your time.

Level name: Bobby’s World – Take Nothing For Granted

Level author/PSN ID:  VinnyCafoneJr.

Thank you from PlayStation LifeStyle, Sergio, and the Kilner Family…